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Progettazione | Polplastic: l'arte dello stampo


Polplastic’s manufacturing process starts with the design step. This initial phase, which may include the design of mould prototypes for plastic injection moulding, is carried out by the sister company Poletti Srl, the oldest among the Group’s companies. Its extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment allow Poletti Srl to design and manufacture exclusive and perfectly customized moulds using the latest CAD/CAM techniques and CNC equipment.



The prototype is created starting from the study of the product and the specifications provided by the customer, with particular emphasis on the shapes, details, finishes, and colors. These characteristics are determined taking in due consideration the design and technical variables, such as those related to the environment, ergonomics, expected stress, etc. Before proceeding to the construction of the mould, the customers can preview high quality images and renderings that enable them to evaluate what the final result will be like and to request any changes.
The second step in the design process is the engineering, through which the product design is transformed into the 3D model from which the moulds will be produced. In other words, it is at this stage that the design of the object comes to life and is ready to enter the mould production cycle. This takes place only once the design specifications concerning the size, ergonomic, mechanical and economic requirements have been defined in agreement with the customer.



On request, we also design prototype moulds for plastic injection. Prototypes are particularly useful because they allow the product to be tested before construction. In this way, it is possible to detect any problems that were not found by means of the 3D drawing and to make the appropriate modifications. Once the customer’s approval has been obtained, our technicians further analyze the design, evaluating in detail the equipment construction costs and the best technical and construction solutions for the creation of the injection moulds.

Progettazione | Polplastic: l'arte dello stampo
Progettazione | Polplastic: l'arte dello stampo



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