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Polplastic: Stampaggio


Polplastic stands out among the plastic moulding companies located in Venice and Padua also as a result of the size of its plants. Suffice it to say that an area of 7,000 square meters is devoted to these activities, to which we dedicate the greatest resources. This huge department uses thirty-four Negri Bossi and BMB presses from 70 to 2,500 tons, all equipped with Cartesian or anthropomorphic robots, which can also be programmed remotely and are able to perform extremely quick and precise complex movements.



Injection moulding is a widespread technique in the field of plastics processing, because it allows the creation of components with very complex shapes and variable thicknesses, while guaranteeing high levels of productivity and automation.



Unlike many plastic moulding companies in Venice, Padua and the other provinces of the Veneto region, we do not deal solely with the injection moulding of “traditional” technopolymers. In fact, some of our presses are exclusively dedicated to the moulding of special materials, such as transparent polycarbonate, a thermoplastic polymer obtained from carbonic acid and characterized by high transparency, thermal and mechanical resistance, and hardness.
This differentiation also concerns the machine feeding processes, so that the channels supplying coloured materials are separated from those supplying white and transparent materials. In this way, the use of a raw material that is as pure as possible is always guaranteed.

Polplastic: Stampaggio
Polplastic: Stampaggio



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