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Polplastic: Verniciatura


The moulding and painting of plastic components are Polplastic’s two core activities. Like the state-of-the-art machinery used for moulding, our painting systems are also fully automated and suitable for both water-based and solvent-based paints. Equipped with 6-axis anthropomorphic robots as well as automatic systems to adjust process parameters (and especially environmental parameters sensitive to climatic conditions), these systems use electrostatic guns to guarantee minimal paint consumption, reduced VOC emissions, and maximum quality of the pieces.



Polplastic pays the utmost attention to the sustainability of the plastic component moulding and painting process. In this regard, water-based painting systems have a significantly reduced environmental impact and respect the regulations on harmful emissions even in the presence of large quantities of paint (which would not be possible using solvent-based paints).
Water-based paint is used in the automotive sector to paint plastic components that are not visible inside cars, such as parts of the engine, of the passenger compartment, and so on. More generally, water-based paint is preferable when the item does not need to be very glossy and, as noted above, when the large quantities of paint applied do not allow the use of solvent-based paints.



Designed and manufactured with extreme accuracy, solvent-based painting systems guarantee the absolute quality of the final result, ensuring the maximum degree of gloss and finish of the plastic product. Solvent-based paint also prevents dust or other impurities from depositing on the surface of the product.
The main advantages of solvent-based paints for plastic are the high quality of the finished product, as well as a faster drying speed compared to water-based paints.
Bumpers, dashboards, helmets and other components used by car and motorcycle manufacturers are painted with this type of paint, which is widespread also in the production of elements for household appliances such as coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Polplastic: Verniciatura



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