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We have been a point of reference in the production of moulds for plastic materials for over 50 years


In 1969 Valter Poletti opened his workshop specialised in the production of moulds for plastic materials in Arino di Dolo, in the province of Venice, and was one of the first Italian producers of components made of polymeric material. This is how Poletti Srl began its activity in the field of design and development of injection moulds.

Since its inception, Poletti Srl has taken care of the entire manufacturing supply chain, from the design to the actual production of plastic components, including painting and finishing. This global approach focused on quality and customer satisfaction has enabled the company to experience continuous growth.
Always attentive to market demand and continuously striving to improve and innovate its products and services, the company has expanded its structure and strengthened its organization over the years, keeping up with the most innovative developments in production and service standards.



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Polplastic Group.

Growing and innovating together


The strong and continuous expansion of the company has received a further boost in recent years with the incorporation of the Polplastic Group, now a manufacturer of plastic components operating in Italy. The Group has established itself as a sector leader in Italy and is known and appreciated internationally by companies operating in many industrial fields. While the Group’s connection with the automotive industry is strong, its reach is much broader; there are many products developed by Polplastic that are part of the daily lives of millions of people, from furniture to telephony, from gardening tools to sports equipment, and so on.