Production of moulds for plastic materials\\

Our service begins with the design and production of custom moulds for plastic materials.
Thanks to our just-in-time approach, compliance with deadlines, as well as maximum operational flexibility, we are a point of reference for the serial production of plastics on behalf of third parties.



The design of a prototype starts from the study of the product together with the specifications provided by the customer including shapes, details, finishes, and colors. These characteristics are established taking into account the required design and technical factors such as ergonomics, environmental conditions, and stresses the final piece will be subjected to.

The plastic mould is made after approval by the customer, who can view high-definition images and renderings of the final product so as to understand and evaluate in advance what the final result will be and request any changes.

A critical part of production is engineering, through which the product design is transformed into the 3D project that is the base for the construction of the moulds. In other words, it is at this stage that the product design comes to life and the production cycle of moulds for plastic materials starts.



Upon request we also design prototypes of injection moulds for plastic materials. Prototypes are particularly useful because they enable the product to be tested before production: in this way it is possible to detect any problems that were not found through the 3D drawing and correct them with the appropriate modifications. Once the customer has approved the design, our technicians conduct a detailed analysis to evaluate the construction costs of the equipment and the best technical solutions for the construction of the injection moulds.

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