Injection Moulding\\

The plastic injection moulding processes are carried out in a 7000 m2 facility. Thanks to the large number of machines used, we are now one of the leading companies in plastic moulding throughout the Veneto region and beyond.
State-of-the-art equipment such as the 70 to 2500 tonne Negri Bossi and BMB presses, all equipped with Cartesian and anthropomorphic robots, enable highly complex moulds to be manufactured with unparalleled precision and speed.

Our moulding equipment can process both plastics and special materials:

– plastics (standard technopolymers)
– transparent polycarbonate
– thermoplastic polymers.

Quality is guaranteed thanks to the division of the machines into different channels according to the colour of the plastics used: coloured, white, transparent.



Injection moulding is very similar to die-casting (from which it derives): the production process involves the melting of plastic material (thermosetting/thermoplastic polymers) to make it sufficiently malleable to be injected into the cavity of a mould, where it solidifies and assumes the desired shape.
Injection moulding is the most common technique in the plastics processing and moulding sector because it enables the production of components with very complex shapes and variable thickness, while ensuring high levels of productivity, automation and quality.

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