Research and development\\


Human resources


High technological level, impeccable organization, expertise, and professional skills have made Polplastic a leading company in the design and production of moulds for plastics well beyond the Veneto region.

Our team consists of highly qualified and highly motivated technicians and operators. Their skills and commitment are essential at every stage of our production processes – design, moulding, painting and finishing of plastic components – and are at the heart of our high professionalism and continuous improvement.

In addition, we invest heavily in the training of our staff to provide highly competitive, advanced and continuously updated solutions and services from a technical, organizational, and logistical standpoint.


Quality, research and development


We are constantly working to develop prototypes of moulds for plastic materials, which is why we have a state-of-the-art R&D department.

We collaborate with accredited calibration laboratories for the calibration of measuring, testing, and acceptance test instruments. The certificates issued by these laboratories are always based on up-to-date standards and regulations including the rules adopted by the relevant accreditation systems.

We have a metrology room equipped with DEA and Mitutoyo instruments and a test room equipped with Erichsen, MSL and Atlas instruments.

We also use advanced color control systems such as X-Rite spectrophotometers, BYK-Gardner color meters and Erichsen gloss meters.

Production quality control
Creation of new materials
Improvement of prototype production processes
Programming of new industrial processes