The painting of plastic parts┬áis another of Polplastic’s main activities. We use fully automated painting systems suitable for different painting techniques, that is, water-based and solvent-based painting. We guarantee minimal paint consumption, reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, as well as the highest quality of each painted piece. All this is possible only thanks to the six-axis anthropomorphic machines and robots and to all the automatic systems for the regulation of process parameters that intervene every time there is a change in environmental and climatic conditions.



Solvent-based painting or coating is particularly suitable for accessories or components that require a very shiny finish: helmets, dashboards, household appliances, coffee machines, etc.
Solvent-based painting of plastics ensures quality, shine and a perfect finish. Deposits of dust or impurities on the surface of the product are drastically reduced and production times shortened thanks to the quick drying process.

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