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As a company engaged in the development of prototype moulds for plastic injection, Polplastic has set up an internal R&D laboratory that performs tests in close collaboration with laboratories accredited by the Italian Calibration Department (DT) for the calibration of measurement, testing or inspection instruments. The certificates issued by these laboratories have the same value as the certificates of the former SIT (Calibration Service) and are drawn up according to precise standards, dictated by the accreditation system.


In line with the company philosophy, always oriented to the highest quality and customer satisfaction, our R&D department for the development of prototype moulds for plastic injection also makes use of a metrology lab using DEA and Mitutoyo instruments and a test room using Erichsen, MSL and Atlas instruments. Dimensional control in the sampling phase is critical to guarantee the conformity of the product and the proper set up of the moulding cycles. Thanks to these cutting-edge technologies, Polplastic is able to provide sample measurement reports and record moulding parameters so as to guarantee the dimensional repeatability of supplies.


Our R&D laboratory has also been equipped with advanced colour control systems, such as X-Rite spectrophotometers, BYK-Gardner colorimeters, and Erichsen gloss meters. The analysis of the data provided by these instruments makes it possible to improve the overall quality of the colour of the final product as well as its uniformity from batch to batch, reducing waste and any reworking, and speeding up the placement of the product on the market.


Production control activities, although of fundamental importance, are not the only function performed by the R&D division, which is also engaged in the improvement of the development process of prototype moulds for plastic injection on a daily basis. In particular, the laboratory conceives and identifies new materials, new industrial processes, and new products. All this happens while we also keep an eye on the trends and ideas coming from the plastic injection moulding market, so as to fully meet our customers’ needs.

Le Risorse | Polplastic: Ricerca
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