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It was 1969 when Valter Poletti opened his workshop specialising in the production of moulds for plastic materials, one of the first in Italy dedicated to the production of components in polymeric material. Thus, Poletti Srl, a company that designed and developed injection moulds, was established in Arino di Dolo, in the province of Venice.

From the beginning, Poletti Srl entered the market offering a complete service, including the development of the idea proposed by the customer, the selection of materials, the actual production phase, that is, the creation of moulds and the moulding of plastic materials, the painting and finishing steps. This all-inclusive approach, focused above all on quality and customer satisfaction, enabled the company to grow uninterruptedly, establishing itself as a solid player in the development and production of plastic items. Always responsive to the demands of the market and constantly focused on the expansion of services and production innovation, over the years the company has expanded its structure and strengthened its organization to keep up with the most innovative developments in production and service standards.

The growth of the business, uninterrupted since 1969, has also been favoured by the valuable contribution of Valter Poletti’s sons. Alberto is a graduate in Economics and Commerce, and Mauro is an engineer specializing in moulding, with a specific focus on the production of moulds for plastic materials.


The expansion of the company received a further boost in recent years, which led to the creation of the Polplastic Group, a manufacturer of moulds for plastic moulding operating in Venice and Perugia. With more than 200 employees, a turnover of over €40 million, and four production plants (including the original Poletti subsidiary), the group has clearly become a point of reference in Italy and is well known abroad in the most diverse industrial sectors. If, on the one hand, the connection with the world of motors, and more specifically with the automotive world, is strong, on the other hand Polplastic has developed many products that are part of the everyday life of millions of people, from furniture to telephony products, from gardening to sports equipment, and so on.


In our fifty years of activity we have always tried to distinguish ourselves through the excellent service offered to customers, the use of top-quality materials, and the completeness of our industrial process. Thanks to this approach, today we are considered a valuable partner by the world’s largest manufacturers. In addition to producing components for the major Italian and international car makers, in fact, Polplastic – a company specializing in the design and construction of moulds for thermoplastic materials – is a European leader in the supply of parts (such as tanks, fairings, etc.) for the most important motorcycle industries.

Our customer portfolio is not limited, however, to the automotive sector: by virtue of the extensive know-how gained in the development of moulds and in the injection moulding of polymers, we work with many companies to which we have supplied and keep supplying products of all types. Our products are used in items such as lamps, chairs, sports equipment, treadmills, vacuum cleaner components, coffee machines, washing machines, microwave ovens, telephones, decoders, video intercoms, tractors, lawnmowers, and agricultural machines.

Our industrial process for the design and construction of moulds for thermoplastic materials is flexible and organized so as to better manage any development plan. For this reason, we can effectively support our customers even in the context of their internationalization processes, helping them to conquer new markets.


With a corporate philosophy aimed at continuous improvement as well as at the addition of new products and services, the Polplastic Group ensures top quality results thanks to an integrated and synergistic cycle including mould development and polymer injection moulding, completely managed in-house. We follow the commissioned projects in each processing phase, along a supply chain that includes:

  • design of plastic injection prototype moulds and their construction;
  • injection moulding or injection/compression moulding;
  • solvent or water-based painting;
  • pad printing, screen printing, hot stamping, in-mould decoration;
  • manual assembly or ultrasonic, hot plate, friction welding.

This is a complete, high-quality sequence, which we make available either as a whole or for individual processes depending on the customer’s needs.





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